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Set Yourself Free: Reon Schutte's 10 Principles to Break Out of Your Personal Prison Through the Power of Choice,9781614483809

Set Yourself Free: Reon Schutte's 10 Principles to Break Out of Your Personal Prison Through the Power of Choice

by ;
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 3/1/2013
Publisher(s): Ingram Pub Services
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Reon Schutte has led a remarkable life. A South African solider captured in a cross border raid into Zimbabwe in 1990, he spent nearly 13 years in that country's infamously brutal Chikurubi prison. Since his pardon and release, he has presented his triumphant story of survival and transformation to 1 million people around the world, from business executives to students, prisoners to cancer survivors, war veterans to government leaders. Now in his highly anticipated first book, written with award-winning author, journalist and certified life coach, Maggie Kuhn Jacobus, Reon shares his epic personal life journey, holding readers spellbound with an inspiring recounting of overcoming inconceivable adversity. The keys to his resiliency are The 10 Principles--the major lessons he learned that allowed him to be free, even while imprisoned. With concrete exercises to put the Principles into practice, readers are given tools to break out of their own personal prisons of fear, hate, anger, lack of forgiveness and more, in order to experience a life of happiness and peace, regardless of circumstances. Reon's journey demonstrates the potential for all humans to overcome adversity, while The 10 Principles illustrate the soul's resourcefulness to use trying circumstances for transformation.


Although my distant ancestors are from Europe, I am not. You could think of an Afrikaner the way citizens born in the United States consider themselves as being American. Unless they are Native American, their ancestors came from somewhere else. Yet the passport they carry, the flag they salute, and the nationality they list on their immigration forms is “American.” Despite the common assumption that Afrikaners are simply displaced Dutch (“Dutchman” is a grave insult that the South African English kids liked to hurl at us), I actually could not claim to be Dutch or any other European ethnicity, even if I wanted to.

I know this first hand, because as I lay captive in a Zimbabwean prison, I appealed to various European governments for assistance, as did Amnesty International and other human rights organizations on my behalf. The European countries all essentially said, “You are not one of us. You are an Afrikaner, your people are from Africa, and thus you can’t claim citizenship by descent.”

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