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Sexology Uncensored: The Documents of Sexual Science,9780226056692

Sexology Uncensored: The Documents of Sexual Science

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 10/1/1998
Publisher(s): Univ of Chicago Pr


Sexology Uncensoredbrings together, for the first time, many of the key documents of the modern science of sexuality that emerged in the late nineteenth century. The early pioneers of the new field of sexology examined and classified sexual behaviors, identities, and relations. For years much of the material here has been "censored" in the sense that it is difficult to obtain, subject to restrictive circulation, or available only in medical archives. The extracts (which date from the 1880s to the 1940s) cover a variety of topics including gender and sexual difference; homosexuality; transsexuality and bisexuality; heterosexuality; marriage and sex manuals; reproductive control; eugenics; race; and various sexual proclivities. Offering readers access to the primary materials on which contemporary sexology is founded,Sexology Uncensoredis an invaluable record for all those interested in how we have come to think about sex and sexuality over the last hundred years. Sexology in Cultureand its companionSexology Uncensoredwill interest all those concerned with understanding modern sexual discourse in its historical context.

Table of Contents

Editors' Note
General Introduction
Gender and Sexual Difference Introduction
The Evolution of Sex (1889)
The Criminal (1890)
The Female Offender (1893)
Man and Woman (1894)
The Sexual Question (1906)
The Sexual Life of Our Time (1907)
Studies in the Psychology of Sex, vol. I: The Evolution of Modesty, The Phenomena of Sexual Periodicity, Auto-Erotism [1899](1900)
Problems of the Sexes (1913)
Homosexualities Introduction
Psychopathia Sexualis [1886] (12th edn, 1903)
The Intermediate Sex (1896)
'Editorial on the publication of Havelock Ellis's Sexual Inversion' (1896)
The Lancet Studies in the Psychology of Sex, vol. II: Sexual Inversion [1897] (3rd edn, 1915)
Sex and Character (1903)
'Homosexuality' (1921)
Read 'Studies in Feminine Inversion' (1923)
'A Case of Homosexual Inversion' (1927)
Report on the Psychological Treatment of Crime (1939)
Transsexuality and Bisexuality Introduction by Jay Prosser and Merl Storr Psychopathia Sexualis [1886] (12th edn, 1903)
Studies in the Psychology of Sex, vol. II: Sexual Inversion [1897] (3rd edn, 1915)
Heterosexuality, Marriage and Sex Manuals Introduction
Studies in the Psychology of Sex, vol. III: Analysis of the Sexual Impulse (1903)
Married Love (1918) by Marie Stopes Men, Women and God (1923)
Hypatia or Woman and Knowledge (1925)
Ideal Marriage (1928)
The Sex Factor in Marriage (1930)
Reproductive Control Introduction
The Problem of Race-Regeneration (1911)
A Letter to Working Mothers (1919)
Men, Women and God (1923)
Parenthood: Design or Accident? (1928)
Comments on Birth Control (1930)
'The Right to Abortion' (1935)
'The Case Against Legalized Abortion' (1935)
Eugenics Introduction
The Sexual Question (1906)
The Scope and Importance to the State of the Science of National Eugenics (1909)
The Family and the Nation (1909)
The Problem of Practical Eugenics (1912)
The Task of Social Hygiene (1912)
The Eugenic Prospect (1921)
'Notes of the Quarter [on Nazism]'(1934)
The Eugenics Review 'Aims and Objects of the Eugenics Society' (1935)
The Eugenics Review 'Eutelegenesis' (1936)
'Eugenics and Society' (1937)
Race Introduction
The Sotadic Zone (1886)
Psychopathia Sexualis [1886] (12th edn, 1903)
The Female Offender (1893)
Studies in the Psychology of Sex, vol. II: Sexual Inversion [1897] (3rd edn, 1915)
'Sexual Inversion Among Primitive Races' (1902)
The Sexual Question (1906)
'A Perversion Not Commonly Noted' (1913)
Table of Contents provided by Publisher. All Rights Reserved.

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