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Starting Out with C++ : From Control Structures Through Objects,9780321545886

Starting Out with C++ : From Control Structures Through Objects

Edition: 6th
Format: Paperback w/CD
Pub. Date: 1/1/2009
Publisher(s): Addison Wesley


InStarting Out with C++: From Control Structures through Objects, 6/e Gaddis covers control structures, functions, arrays, and pointers before objects and classes. As with all Gaddis texts, clear and easy-to-read code listings, concise and practical real-world examples, and an abundance of exercises appear in every chapter.Introduction to Computers and Programming; Introduction to C++; Expressions and Interactivity; Making Decisions; Looping; Functions; Arrays; Searching and Sorting Arrays; Pointers; Characters, Strings, and the string Class; Structured Data; Advanced File Operations; Introduction to Classes; More About Classes; Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Virtual Functions; Exceptions, Templates, and the Standard Template Library (STL); Linked Lists; Stacks and Queues; Recursion; Binary Trees.For all readers interested in C++ programming.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Computers and Programming
Why Program?
Computer Systems: Hardware and Software
Programs and Programming Languages
What Is a Program Made of?
Input, Processing, and Output
The Programming Process
Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming
Introduction to C++
The Parts of a C++ Program
The cout Object
The #include Directive
Variables and Literals
Integer Data Types
The char Data Type
Floating-Point Data Types
The bool Data Type
Determining the Size of a Data Type
Variable Assignments and Initialization
Arithmetic Operators
Focus on Software Engineering: Programming Style
If You Plan to Continue in Computer Science: Standard and Prestandard C++
Expressions and Interactivity
The cin Object
Mathematical Expressions
When You Mix Apples and Oranges: Type Conversion
Overflow and Underflow
Type Casting
Named Constants
Multiple Assignment and Combined Assignment
Formatting Output
Formatted Input
Focus on Object-Oriented Programming: More About Member Functions
More Mathematical Library Functions
Focus on Debugging: Hand Tracing a Program
Focus on Problem Solving: A Case Study
Introduction to File Input and Output
Making Decisions
Relational Operators
The if Statement
Expanding the if Statement
The if/else Statement
The if/else if Statement
Using a Trailing else
Focus on Software Engineering: Nested if Statements
Logical Operators
Checking Numeric Ranges with Logical Operators
Focus on Software Engineering: Validating User Input
More About Variable Definitions and Scope
Comparing Strings
The Conditional Operator
The switch Statement
Testing for File Open Errors
The Increment and Decrement Operators
Introduction to Loops: The while Loop
Using the while Loop for Input Validation
The do-while Loop
The for Loop
Keeping a Running Total
Using a Loop to Read Data from a File
Focus on Software Engineering: Deciding Which Loop to Use
Nested Loops
Breaking Out of a Loop
The continue Statement
Focus on Software Engineering: Modular Programming
Defining and Calling Functions
Function Prototypes
Sending Data into a Function
Passing Data by Value
Focus on Software Engineering: Using Functions in a Menu-Driven Program
The return Statement
Returning a Value from a Function
Returning a Boolean Value
Local and Global Variables
Static Local Variables
Default Arguments
Using Reference Variables as Parameters
Overloading Functions
The exit() Function
Stubs and Drivers
Arrays Hold Multiple Values
Accessing Array Elements
No Bounds Checking in C++
Array Initialization
Processing Array Contents
Focus on Software Engineering: Using Parallel Arrays
Arrays as Function Arguments
Two-Dimensional Arrays
Arrays of Strings
Arrays with Three or More Dimensions
Focus on Problem Solving and Program Design: A Case Study
If You Plan to Continue in Computer Science: Introduction to the STL vector
Searching and Sorting Arrays
Focus on Software Engineering: Introduction to Search Algorithms
Focus on Problem Solving and Program Design: A Case Study
Table of Contents provided by Publisher. All Rights Reserved.

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