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Tales of the Inner City,9780788023897

Tales of the Inner City

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 3/1/2007
Publisher(s): CSS Publishing Company
Availability: This title is currently not available.


This delightful collection of allegorical Christian parables takes readers into the imaginative world of the "Inner City," where they'll meet a colorful array of whimsical characters -- including sorkyls, puffbats, the Freeps, Zimm, and most importantly Grandfather, who "sits to tell tales and answer questions and make up the truth." Each tale recasts a familiar Bible story (such as the tower of Babel, the parable of the talents, Jonah and the whale, or the garden of Eden) in a unique setting that will fascinate readers while offering them deep spiritual lessons on themes like confusion and original sin. In addition to the vivid and humorous narratives, this volume also features beautifully detailed illustrations -- creating an enchanting environment that enlightens and entertains the eye as well as the ear. Each story includes discussion questions and an explanation of themes and symbols as well, making this book a valuable tool for teaching lessons about life and about God.

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