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Teach Yourself Tantric Sex,9780071396851

Teach Yourself Tantric Sex

Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 7/25/2002
Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Explore the joys of tantric sex and become a more spiritual lover A discipline originating in the East, tantric sex adds a new spiritual dimension to love-making. Teach Yourself Tantric Sex explores the ancient texts and presents a series of practical exercises and techniques. You will learn how to become better lover by enhancing the spiritual aspect of making love. This new edition goes into greater detail about aspects of women's sexuality and describes accessories designed to enhance both the pleasure and the spirituality of sex.

Table of Contents

What this book is aboutp. 1
Who this book is forp. 3
Couplesp. 3
Sexualityp. 5
Spiritualityp. 6
What this book sets out to achievep. 6
New realms of sexual experiencep. 7
Practical exercisesp. 8
Techniquesp. 9
What is tantric sex?p. 12
So what exactly is tantric sex?p. 13
Different forms of tantrismp. 14
Hindu aimsp. 14
Buddhist tantric practicesp. 16
Chinese tantric practicesp. 17
Arabic tantric practicesp. 18
Japanese tantric practicesp. 19
The energy of sexp. 20
Stable and loving relationshipsp. 20
Unrewarding experiencesp. 20
Divine energyp. 21
Becoming sexually freep. 22
Taking and receivingp. 25
Loving relationshipsp. 27
Energy trailsp. 28
Benefits of tantric sexp. 30
Improvements in relationshipsp. 32
Better sexp. 32
Enhanced spiritualityp. 33
Tranquilityp. 34
Freedom from being orgasm drivenp. 34
The pleasure principlep. 35
Being a better loverp. 35
The practice of tantric sexp. 38
What you have to dop. 39
Exercises and practical aspectsp. 39
Arousalp. 39
Orgasmp. 40
Mutual pleasuringp. 40
Lovemaking positionsp. 41
Bliss and spiritualityp. 41
Practical assignments for menp. 43
What is real sex?p. 46
Knowing what is happeningp. 47
PC musclep. 50
Improving energy techniquesp. 54
The way energy movesp. 57
The approach of delightp. 57
Reunion with Godp. 57
Appreciatingp. 58
Storing energyp. 59
Practical assignments for womenp. 61
Knowing what is happeningp. 65
Building tensionp. 66
PC musclep. 68
Improving energy techniquesp. 70
The way energy movesp. 73
The approach of delightp. 73
Reunion with Godp. 74
Appreciatingp. 74
Releasing energy for womenp. 75
Meditation for men and womenp. 78
Music meditationp. 79
Walking meditationp. 79
Breathing meditationp. 80
Heartbeat meditationp. 80
Forehead meditationp. 81
Deep-breathing meditationp. 81
Tasting meditationp. 81
Prone meditationp. 82
Listening meditationp. 82
Practical assignments for couplesp. 85
The boudoirp. 86
Yab yump. 90
Further practical assignments for menp. 95
Further practical assignments for womenp. 100
Tantric traditionsp. 105
The 23 basic positions of the Kama Sutrap. 106
The Ananga Rangap. 112
The Perfumed Gardenp. 113
The 25 superior Indian lovemaking positionsp. 115
Positions from the Taop. 119
The three parts of sexp. 120
A deeper needp. 121
If it feels good, do itp. 121
Two notions about sexp. 122
Making allowancesp. 123
Seductionp. 123
Eroticap. 124
Foreplayp. 125
Intimacyp. 125
Afterglowp. 126
Prolonging the moodp. 126
Homosexual tantric sexp. 126
Taking it furtherp. 128
Further readingp. 129
Tantric sex and the internetp. 130
Workshops and coursesp. 133
Indexp. 137
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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