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Texas Government,9780205251728

Texas Government

Edition: 12th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 2/8/2012
Publisher(s): Pearson


Updated in its 12thedition, Texas Governmentintroduces the essentials of Texas government and its often colorful politics in a way that any reader can understand. With an emphasis on public policy and active learning, this popular and highly accessible textcontains an abundance of useful study aids and exercises in every chapter and a lively, straightforward writing style. Showing readers the impact that government has on their lives, this insightful and sometimes humorous critique of Texas government engages readers in the course material and encourages them to become active participants in their government.

Table of Contents

Prefacep. xiii
Introduction The Policymaking Processp. 1
What We Will Learnp. 1
The Stages of the Policymaking Processp. 2
The Dynamics of the Policy Processp. 9
Why Study Texas Government?p. 11
What We Have Learnedp. 12
Key Termsp. 13
Notesp. 13
The People, Economy, and Political Culture of Texasp. 15
What We Will Learnp. 15
The People of Texasp. 16
Around the Nation: Immigration Reform in Arizonap. 20
The Texas Economyp. 22
Breaking News!: Texas Oil Production Is on the Risep. 25
Political Culturep. 29
Getting Involved: Volunteeringp. 30
What We Have Learnedp. 31
Key Termsp. 32
Notesp. 32
Texas Constitutionp. 35
What We Will Learnp. 35
State Constitutionsp. 37
Getting Involved: Joining a Student Club or Organizationp. 37
Background of the Texas Constitutionp. 39
Constitutional Convention of 1875p. 41
Overview of the Texas Constitutionp. 44
Constitutional Changep. 45
Individual Rights and the Texas Constitutionp. 50
Around the Nation: Gay Marriage in Massachusettsp. 51
What We Have Learnedp. 52
Key Termsp. 54
Notesp. 54
The Federal Context of Texas Policymakingp. 55
What We Will Learnp. 55
Role of the States in the Federal Systemp. 57
Around the Nation: Healthcare Reform in Massachusettsp. 58
States, the Courts, and the Constitutionp. 59
Getting Involved: Contacting Your Representative in Washington, D.C.p. 62
States and Federal Lawp. 63
Federal Grant Programsp. 66
Breaking News!: States Challenge Constitutionality of Healthcare Reformp. 70
What We Have Learnedp. 74
Key Termsp. 75
Notesp. 75
Political Participationp. 77
What We Will Learnp. 77
Voting Rights and Minority Participationp. 78
Breaking News!: Texas Adopts a Voter ID Lawp. 82
Forms of Participationp. 83
Around the Nation: Mail Voting in Oregonp. 87
Participation Rates in Texasp. 88
Patterns of Participationp. 90
Participation and Representationp. 92
Getting Involved: Become a Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrarp. 93
What We Have Learnedp. 94
Key Termsp. 95
Notesp. 95
Interest Groupsp. 97
What We Will Learnp. 97
Interest Groups in Texas Politicsp. 98
Getting Involved: Joining a Groupp. 103
Breaking News!: Legislature Adopts Abortion Sonogram Requirementp. 106
Interest Group Strategies and Tacticsp. 107
Around the Nation: Legal Prostitution in Nevadap. 109
What We Have Learnedp. 113
Key Termsp. 114
Notesp. 115
Political Partiesp. 117
What We Will learnp. 117
The Party Systemp. 118
Party Organizationp. 119
Getting Involved: Volunteer to Support Your Political Partyp. 122
History of the Texas Party Systemp. 122
Breaking News!: Democratic Legislators Switch Parties After 2010 Electionp. 124
The Party Balancep. 127
Voting Patternsp. 128
Interest Group-Political Party Alliancesp. 130
Issue Orientationp. 131
The Future of Party Politics in Texasp. 136
Around the Nation: Minor Parties in New Yorkp. 138
What We Have Learnedp. 139
Key Termsp. 140
Notesp. 140
Electionsp. 143
What We Will Learnp. 143
The Long Ballotp. 144
Types of Electionsp. 145
Around the Nation: The Blanket Primary in Louisianap. 151
Election Districts and Redistrictingp. 153
Breaking News!: Groups File Suit Against the Texas Redistricting Planp. 157
Election Campaignsp. 161
The Voters Decidep. 166
Getting Involved: Campaigningp. 168
What We Have Learnedp. 169
Key Termsp. 170
Notesp. 170
Texas Legislaturep. 173
What We Will Learnp. 173
Structurep. 174
Membershipp. 178
Around the Nation: Repealing Term Limits in Idahop. 181
Organizationp. 182
The Legislative Processp. 187
Breaking News!: Texas Legislature Fails to Pass Guns-on-Campus Legislationp. 192
Legislative Policymakingp. 193
Getting Involved: Contacting Your State Legislatorsp. 199
What We Have Learnedp. 199
Key Termsp. 201
Notesp. 201
Executive Branchp. 203
What We Will Learnp. 203
The Governorp. 205
Getting Involved: Forming a Study Groupp. 206
Breaking News!: Governor Perry Runs for Presidentp. 214
The Executive Bureaucracyp. 218
Around The Nation: California Addresses Global Warmingp. 227
Administrative Oversightp. 229
What We Have Learnedp. 232
Key Termsp. 234
Notesp. 234
Judicial Branchp. 237
What We Will Learnp. 237
Types of Legal Disputesp. 238
Court Proceduresp. 240
The Texas Court Systemp. 242
Breaking News!: Texas Voters Approve Water Development Bondsp. 248
Judgesp. 249
Judicial Selectionp. 250
Getting Involved: Volunteer to Become a Court-Appointed Special Advocatep. 253
Around the Nation: Drug Courts in Floridap. 259
What We Have Learnedp. 260
Key Termsp. 261
Notesp. 261
City Governmentp. 263
What We Will Learnp. 263
Legal Status of Texas Citiesp. 264
Forms of City Governmentp. 267
Breaking News!: Despite the Drought, El Paso Has a Stable Water Supplyp. 272
Election Systemsp. 272
Public Policies in Texas Citiesp. 275
Around the Nation: Healthcare in San Franciscop. 277
Getting Involved: Contacting City Officialsp. 288
City Politics in Texasp. 288
What We Have Learnedp. 292
Key Termsp. 294
Notesp. 295
Counties, School Districts, and Special Districtsp. 297
What We Will Learnp. 297
County Governmentp. 298
School Districtsp. 309
Breaking News!: Another School Funding Lawsuit Filedp. 315
Around the Nation: Cash for Grades in the District of Columbiap. 316
Getting Involved: Helping a Child Learnp. 318
Special Districtsp. 320
What We Have Learnedp. 324
Key Termsp. 326
Notesp. 326
State Budget Policyp. 329
What We Will Learnp. 329
Revenuesp. 331
Issues in State Financep. 338
Breaking News!: Legislature Uses Accounting Gimmicks to Help Balance Budgetp. 340
Policy Options for Reforming the State Revenue Systemp. 343
Around the Nation: Toll Road Privatization in Indianap. 346
State Expendituresp. 347
Budget Prioritiesp. 349
Getting Involved: Appealing a Property Appraisalp. 355
The Budget Processp. 358
Making Budgetary Policyp. 363
What We Have Learnedp. 367
Key Termsp. 370
Notesp. 370
Criminal Justicep. 373
What We Will Learnp. 373
Crime Statisticsp. 374
Victims and Criminalsp. 377
Criminal Prosecution Processp. 378
Capital Punishmentp. 384
Around the Nation: Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Criminals in Kansasp. 386
Juvenile Justicep. 386
Correctionsp. 387
Breaking News!: Texas Prison System Cuts Costs by Dropping Inmate Lunches on Weekendsp. 391
Making Criminal Justice Policyp. 392
What We Have Learnedp. 394
Key Termsp. 395
Notesp. 395
Glossaryp. 397
Photo Creditsp. 407
Indexp. 409
Practice TestsPT-1
Answers to Practice Test QuestionsPT-31
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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