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Thirteen Theories of Human Nature,9780190604721

Thirteen Theories of Human Nature

by ; ; ;
Edition: 7th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 6/15/2017
Publisher(s): Oxford University Press


Over six previous editions, Twelve Theories of Human Nature has been a remarkably popular introduction to some of the most influential developments in Western and Eastern thought. Now titled Thirteen Theories of Human Nature, the seventh edition adds a chapter on feminist theory to those on Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Plato, Aristotle, the Bible, Islam, Kant, Marx, Freud, Sartre, and Darwinism. The authors juxtapose the ideas of these and other thinkers and traditions in a way that helps students understand how humanity has struggled to comprehend its nature.

To encourage students to think critically for themselves and to underscore the similarities and differences between the many theories, the book examines each one on four points--the nature of the universe, the nature of humanity, the diagnosis of the ills of humanity, and the proposed cure for these problems.

Ideal for introductory courses in human nature, introduction to philosophy, and intellectual history, this unique volume will engage and motivate students and other readers to consider how we can understand and improve both ourselves and human society.

Author Biography

Leslie Stevenson is Honorary Reader in Philosophy at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.

David L. Haberman is Professor of Religious Studies at Indiana University at Bloomington.

Peter Matthews Wright is Associate Professor and Chair of Religion at Colorado College.

Charlotte Witt is Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at the University of New Hampshire.

Table of Contents

Preface to the Seventh Edition
Introduction: Rival Theories and Critical Assessments
1. Confucianism: The Way of the Sages, by David L. Haberman
2. Upanishadic Hinduism: Quest for Ultimate Knowledge, by David L. Haberman
3. Buddhism: In the Footsteps of the Buddha, by David L. Haberman
4. Plato: The Rule of Reason
5. Aristotle: The Ideal of Human Fulfillment
6. The Bible: Humanity in Relation to God
7. Islam: The Khalifa Ideal, by Peter Matthews Wright
Historical Interlude
8. Kant: Reasons and Causes, Morality and Religion
9. Marx: The Economic Basis of Human Societies
10. Freud: The Unconscious Basis of Mind
11. Sartre: Radical Freedom
12. Darwinian Theories of Human Nature
13. Human Nature and Feminist Theory, by Charlotte Witt

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