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Three Genres The Writing of Literary Prose, Poems and Plays,9780205012756

Three Genres The Writing of Literary Prose, Poems and Plays

by ;
Edition: 9th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 1/27/2011
Publisher(s): Pearson
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Three Genresgives students a basic introduction to fiction/ literary nonfiction, poetry, and drama and helps them to develop their creative skills in each area.#xA0; Each genre section is self-contained and includes complete works as examples along with helpful advice about how to draw on the variety of techniques they use.#xA0; The style is informal, practical, and positive.#xA0; Minot and Thiel encourage students to draw on their own experiences and develop skills on their own.

Author Biography

About Stephen Minot


Stephen Minot, Professor Emeritus of the Creative Writing Department at the University of California, Riverside, has taught creative writing for over thirty years.  Over the span of his very successful career, Professor Minot authored three novels, two collections of short stories, and three textbooks including Reading Fiction and Literary Nonfiction, The Fourth Genre.  His short stories have appeared in a variety of magazines and literary quarterlies including The Atlantic, Harpers, The Kenyon Review, The Virginia Quarterly Review, and the Sewanee Review, just to name a few.  Professor Minot’s work has also appeared in the O. Henry Prize Stories collection and The Best American Short Stories.  He is also the recipient of the Atlantic First Award, the Saxton Memorial Fellowship, and the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship for writing.  Professor Minot and Virginia, his wife, split their time between California and Maine.   


 About Diane Thiel


Diane Thiel is the author of eight books of poetry, nonfiction and creative writing pedagogy, including Echolocations, Resistance Fantasies,  Winding Roads: Exercises in Writing Creative Nonfiction, Cross Roads: Creative Writing in Four Genres, and Open Roads: Exercises in Writing Poetry.  Thiel’s translation of Alexis Stamatis’s novel, American Fugue, received an NEA Award.  Her work appears in many journals, is re-printed in over fifty anthologies, and has been translated widely.  She has received numerous awards, such as the PEN Translation, Robert Frost, and Robinson Jeffers Awards, and was a Fulbright Scholar.  Thiel has taught creative writing for twenty years and is a Professor at the University of New Mexico.


Table of Contents

Preface for Studentsp. xi
Preface for Teachersp. xiv
About the Authorsp. xvii
Telling a Story: Literary Nonfiction/ Fictionp. 1
Literary Nonfictionp. 1
True Experience: ˘Killing Chickens÷p. 5
Nonfiction in a Reflective Mood: ˘Unwired÷p. 10
Impressions of a Real Place: ˘On Leaving Florida÷p. 15
˘Westbury Court÷p. 23
Creating Your Own Literary Nonfictionp. 27
Fictionp. 34
Fiction: The Freedom to Inventp. 34
Finding and Shaping Fresh Materialp. 43
˘Escapes÷: A Storyp. 54
Viewpoint: Who's Seeing This?p. 61
˘Rwanda÷: A Storyp. 69
The Making of a Storyp. 78
Structure: From Scenes to Plotp. 84
˘A Simple Matter of Hunger÷: A Storyp. 92
Creating Tensionp. 102
Setting: Where am I?p. 108
˘Obst Vw÷: A Storyp. 114
Dialogue: The Illusion of Speechp. 122
Characterization: Creating Credible Peoplep. 129
Liberating the Imaginationp. 139
Three Flashes of Fiction:p. 148
˘The Bank Robbery÷: A Storyp. 149
˘Stockings÷: A Storyp. 151
˘Girl÷: A Storyp. 152
Heightened Meaning: Metaphor, Symbol, and Themep. 154
˘Gotta Dance÷: A Storyp. 163
Style and Tonep. 167
Five Ways to Open Up a Storyp. 178
Troubleshooting Guide: Fictionp. 182
The Writing of Poetryp. 187
What Makes a Poem a Poem?p. 187
Plunging In: A Selection of Poemsp. 197
˘Design÷p. 199
˘Winter Ocean÷p. 199
˘Traveling through the Dark÷p. 200
˘The Gift÷p. 200
˘Anger Sweetened÷p. 201
˘Sonnet 29÷p. 202
˘What the Mirror Said÷p. 202
˘After Spring÷p. 203
˘Haiku÷p. 203
˘Always the One Who Loves His Father Most÷p. 204
˘This Winter Day÷p. 204
˘On a Maine Beach÷p. 205
˘Is It Well-Lighted, Papa?÷p. 205
˘The Waking÷p. 206
˘Coast to Coast÷p. 207
˘Buffalo Bill's÷p. 208
˘Morning Swim÷p. 208
˘Bilingual/BilingŘe÷p. 209
˘A Martian Sends a Postcard Home÷p. 210
˘The Pardon÷p. 211
˘Balances÷p. 212
˘Rhymes for Old Age÷p. 213
˘Names of Horses÷p. 214
˘She Had Some Horses÷p. 215
˘Famous÷p. 216
˘A Secret Life÷p. 217
˘Mystery÷p. 218
˘The Paradise of Wings÷p. 219
˘Nuclear Winter÷p. 220
˘The Mapmaker's Daughter÷p. 220
Sources: Where Poems Come Fromp. 223
The Impact of Imagesp. 232
Using the Sound of Languagep. 243
Traditional Rhythmsp. 252
Stanzas: A Choice of Fixed Formsp. 262
Free Verse: Creating Unique Formsp. 272
A Sense of Orderp. 282
Varieties of Tonep. 290
Finding the Form: A Revision Narrative with Exercisesp. 298
˘Memento Mori in Middle School÷p. 302
Poems for Self-Studyp. 305
˘Grandmother÷p. 306
˘Indian Country Again÷
˘Intransitive÷p. 307
˘Burning the Letters÷p. 308
˘To Those Who Are Programming Computers to Produce Poetry÷p. 309
˘Short-order Cook÷p. 309
˘California Hills in August÷p. 310
˘Shakespearean Sonnet÷p. 311
˘Maiden Voyages÷p. 311
˘Dog Bite÷p. 312
˘Going Bananas÷p. 313
˘What Lips My Lips Have Kissed÷p. 314
˘The Afterlife÷p. 314
˘Lot's Wives÷p. 315
˘Autobiography of an Immigrant÷p. 316
˘Rockin' a Man, Stone Blind÷p. 317
˘Love Song for Chloe÷p. 317
Troubleshooting Guide: Poetryp. 319
The Writing of Dramap. 323
Drama: A Live Performancep. 323
Hello Out There: A Playp. 328
The Dramatic Plotp. 340
Recokoning: A Playp. 348
Conflict: Generating Emotional impactp. 355
Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: A Playp. 363
The Nonrealistic Playp. 368
Dramatic Charaterizationp. 376
Visual Impactp. 383
The Voices of Comedyp. 394
Dramatic Themesp. 400
Five Dramatic Exercisesp. 408
Troubleshooting Guide: Dramap. 409
Submitting Work for Publicationp. 412
Resources for Writersp. 419
Creditsp. 427
Glossary-Indexp. 430
Index of Authors and Titlesp. 445
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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