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As Told by the Other Woman,9780976272014

As Told by the Other Woman

Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 11/1/2006
Publisher(s): Lightning Source Inc
Availability: This title is currently not available.


She tried to let it go.but there was no way she was living without him. Vanessa Jackson is on the job again for the Women's Lib Magazine at the Wayne County Women's Correctional Facility. After releasing the tragic story of Marion Hayes, Vanessa has made it her life's mission to be a voice for emotionally troubled women sentenced to long prison terms. Her second assignment is to interview Timberlyn Crawford, a woman sentenced to life for cold-blooded murder. What would drive a young girl to commit such a heinous crime? Lust and lies are the underlying forces that drove this seemingly harmless girl to do the unthinkable. Travel with Vanessa into the tormented world of a mind that is haunted by ghosts of a troubled past. Find out what evil lies in the heart of a scorned woman that has nowhere to turn, except the ready ears of a stranger, who she hopes will help the world understand her need to tell it all. Delve in to the story, as it is told by the other woman.

Author Biography

Janaya Black- the eldest of five children, was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Even as a child, she always showed a passion for creative writing. She began writing short stories at a young age and showed great promise by exhibiting her skills in various college-prep classes all through her school career, entering oratorical contests through church organizations, and song writing.In 2004, Janaya wrote and published her first fiction novel ˘The Breaking Point÷, followed by her second release in November of 2006, ˘As Told By the Other Woman÷, which is the second installment of the ˘Prison Chronicles÷ series. In addition to her book authoring and publishing endeavors, Janaya is also a freelance journalist for the Michigan Front Page newspaper, screenwriter, director, producer, and playwright.Janaya serves as president/CEO of Black-Smith Enterprises, which is an entertainment infrastructure she created to house all of her creative projects. She is also a managing partner and founder of the Trinity Film Coalition, which is a Michigan based film organization that is dedicated to the advancement of independent film.Black-Smith Enterprises is currently in negotiations to turn ˘The Breaking Point÷ into a feature length film. Thus far the company has shot a four-minute mini short to showcase the storyline for the film. The project was both written and directed by Janaya and produced in association with her husband's film company Goldline Films. She also wrote, directed, and produced the breakout video ˘I'm Hott÷ for rapper Jassasin and ˘Clubbin'÷. These works can be viewed,, and

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