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Topology (Classic Version),9780134689517

Topology (Classic Version)

Edition: 2nd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 3/10/2017
Publisher(s): Pearson
Availability: This title is currently not available.


For a senior undergraduate or first year graduate-level course in Introduction to Topology. Appropriate for a one-semester course on both general and algebraic topology or separate courses treating each topic separately.

This title is part of the Pearson Modern Classics series. Pearson Modern Classics are acclaimed titles at a value price. Please visit for a complete list of titles.

This text is designed to provide instructors with a convenient single text resource for bridging between general and algebraic topology courses. Two separate, distinct sections (one on general, point set topology, the other on algebraic topology) are each suitable for a one-semester course and are based around the same set of basic, core topics. Optional, independent topics and applications can be studied and developed in depth depending on course needs and preferences.

Table of Contents


 1. Set Theory and Logic.

 2. Topological Spaces and Continuous Functions.

 3. Connectedness and Compactness.

 4. Countability and Separation Axioms.

 5. The Tychonoff Theorem.

 6. Metrization Theorems and Paracompactness.

 7. Complete Metric Spaces and Function Spaces.

 8. Baire Spaces and Dimension Theory.


 9. The Fundamental Group.

10. Separation Theorems in the Plane.

11. The Seifert-van Kampen Theorem.

12. Classification of Surfaces.

13. Classification of Covering Spaces.

14. Applications to Group Theory.


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