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Troubleshooting, Maintaining, and Repairing PCs,9780079137326

Troubleshooting, Maintaining, and Repairing PCs

Edition: CD
Format: Hardcover
Pub. Date: 8/1/1998
Publisher(s): Computing McGraw-Hill
Availability: This title is currently not available.


This second edition of a proven bestseller provides all levels of computer service personnel with a complete guide to computer service and repair. The CD-ROM contains over 150 shareware diagnostics and additional reference material, such as hard drive configurations and a schematic reading guide.

Table of Contents

1 Inside today's desktop and tower *UPDATED*
2 Inside today's monitors
3 Operating systems and the boot process *UPDATED*
4 The pre-service checkout *UPDATED*
5 Batteries
7 CD-ROM and CD-R drives *UPDATED*
8 Chipsets *UPDATED*
10 Conflict troubleshooting *UPDATED*
11 CPU identification and troubleshooting *UPDATED*
12 Disk-compression troubleshooting *UPDATED*
13 Drive-adapter reference *UPDATED*
14 DVD drives *NEW*
15 Error codes *NEW*
16 Floppy drives *MORE SYMPTOMS*
17 Hard drives *UPDATED*
18 ISA/EISA bus operations
19 Joysticks and game ports *MORE SYMPTOMS*
20 Keyboards *MORE SYMPTOMS*
21 Laser/LED printers *UPDATED*
22 MCA bus operations
23 Memory troubleshooting *UPDATED*
24 Memory managers *NEW*
25 Mice and trackballs *MORE SYMPTOMS*
26 Modems and fax cards *UPDATED*
27 Monitor troubleshooting *UPDATED*
28 Motherboard troubleshooting *UPDATED*
29 Overlay software troubleshooting *NEW*
30 Other interfaces and technologies *NEW*
31 Parallel-port (Centronics) troubleshooting
32 PC cards and peripherals *UPDATED*
33 PCI bus operations
34 Pen systems and touchpads *MORE SYMPTOMS*
35 Plug-and-Play configuration and troubleshooting *NEW*
36 Power switching supplies
37 High-voltage power supplies
38 Removable media drives *NEW*
39 SCSI systems and troubleshooting *UPDATED*
40 Serial (RS-232) port troubleshooting
41 Sound boards *UPDATED*
42 Tape drives *UPDATED*
43 Video adapters and accelerators *UPDATED*
44 Video capture/PC-TV boards *UPDATED*
45 Virus symptoms and countermeasures *UPDATED*
46 VL bus operations
47 Floppy drive testing and alignment
48 Monitor testing and alignment
49 Preventive maintenance *NEW*
Appendix A: MPC standards for the PC
Appendix B: ASCII Chart
Appendix C: DOS error messages *NEW*
Appendix D: PC Newsgroups *NEW*
Appendix E: Windows 95 Shortcuts *NEW*
Appendix F: Forms
Appendix G: The A+ Checklist *NEW*
Appendix H: PC standards chart *NEW*

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