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The Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy More Moments of Zen, More Indecision Theory,9781118397688

The Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy More Moments of Zen, More Indecision Theory

by ;
Edition: 2nd
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 8/26/2013
Publisher(s): Wiley
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Savor moments of Zen like never before, with our Senior Philosophical Correspondents

The Ultimate Daily Show and Philosophy is revised, expanded, and updated to probe deeper than ever before the philosophical significance of the quintessential “fake” news show of the 21st century.

  • Features significant revisions and updates from the first 2007 edition
  • Includes discussion of both The Daily Show and its spin-off, The Colbert Report
  • Reveals why and how The Daily Show is philosophically engaging and significant
  • Showcases philosophers at their best, discussing truth, knowledge, reality, and the American Way
  • Faces head on tough and surprisingly funny questions about politics, religion, and power

Author Biography

Jason Holt is Associate Professor at Acadia University. He is author of Blindsightand the Nature of Consciousness, co-author of Flexibility: A Concise Guide, and editor of The Daily Show and Philosophy and a forthcoming anthology in philosophy of sport.

William Irwin is Professor of Philosophy at King’s College. He originated the philosophy and popular culture genre of books as coeditor of the bestselling The Simpsons and Philosophy and has overseen recent titles including Superman and Philosophy, Black Sabbath and Philosophy, and Spider-Man and Philosophy.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction: From Wiley-Blackwell’s World Philosophy Headquarters in Malden 1

Segment 1 Headlines: Faux News Is Good News 5

1 Rallying Against the Conflictinator: Jon Stewart, Neil Postman, and Entertainment Bias 7
Gerald J. Erion

2 The Fake, the False, and the Fictional: The Daily Show as News Source 23
Michael Gettings

3 The Daily Show: An Ethos for the Fifth Estate 38
Rachael Sotos

4 Seriously Funny: Mockery as a Political Weapon 56
Greg Littmann

5 Keeping It (Hyper) Real: Anchoring in the Age of Fake News 69
Kellie Bean

Segment 2 Live Report: Jon Stewart (Not Mill) as Philosopher, Sort of 83

6 Jon Stewart: The New and Improved Public Intellectual 85
Terrance MacMullan

7 Stewart and Socrates: Speaking Truth to Power 102
Judith Barad

8 Jon the Cynic: Dog Philosophy 101 114
Alejandro Bárcenas

9 “Jews! Camera 3”: How Jon Stewart Echoes Martin Buber 125
Joseph A. Edelheit

Segment 3 Field Report: Politics and Critical Thinking 137

10 More Bullshit: Political Spin and the PR-ization of Media 139
Kimberly Blessing and Joseph Marren

11 The Senior Black Correspondent: Saying What Needs to Be Said 155
John Scott Gray

12 The Daily Show’s Exposé of Political Rhetoric 167
Liam P. Dempsey

13 The Daily Show Way: Critical Thinking, Civic Discourse, and Postmodern Consciousness 181
Roben Torosyan

Segment 4 Interview: Religion and Culture 197

14 GOP Almighty: When God Tells Me (and My Opponents) to Run for President 199
Roberto Sirvent and Neil Baker

15 Profaning the Sacred: The Challenge of Religious Diversity in “This Week in God” 211
Matthew S. LoPresti

16 Jon Stewart and the Fictional War on Christmas 231
David Kyle Johnson

17 Evolution, Schmevolution: Jon Stewart and the Culture Wars 247
Massimo Pigliucci

Segment 5 Your Moment of Zen: Beyond The Daily Show 265

18 America (The Book): Textbook Parody and Democratic Theory 267
Steve Vanderheiden

19 A Tea Party for Me the People: The Living Revolution Meets the Originalists 281
Rachael Sotos

20 Neologization à la Stewart and Colbert 298
Jason Holt

21 Irrationality and “Gut” Reasoning: Two Kinds of Truthiness 309
Amber L. Griffioen

22 Thank God It’s Stephen Colbert! The Rally to Restore Irony on The Colbert Report 326
Kevin S. Decker

Senior Philosophical Correspondents 341

Index 348

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