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Understanding Business Statistics,9781118145258

Understanding Business Statistics

by ; ;
Format: Loose-leaf
Pub. Date: 12/9/2013
Publisher(s): John Wiley & Sons Inc
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Understanding Business Statistics is a highly student-oriented business statistics product that makes statistics understandable for students with a wide variety of statistics backgrounds. The authors provide an intuitive discussion of basic statistical principles rather than a mathematically rigorous development. They use simple examples to introduce and develop concepts and procedures. For ease of reading, chapter sections are designed to ensure easy-to-follow continuity from one section to the next. This text provides students with frequent opportunities to check their understanding of topics as they move through the chapters, with exercises included at the end of most sections. In many cases, the exercises have been designed to extend chapter discussions rather than solely provide opportunities for drill and repetition. Understanding Business Statistics is written using a modular approach, allowing students to approach the subject step-by-step with very clear instructions.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Statistics
Chapter 2 - Descriptive Statistics I: Elementary Data Presentation and Description
Chapter 3 - Descriptive Statistics II: Additional Descriptive Measures and Data Displays
Chapter 4 - Probability
Chapter 5 - Discrete Probability Distributions
Chapter 6 - Continuous Probability Distributions
Chapter 7 - Statistical Inference: Estimating a Population Mean
Chapter 8 - Interval Estimates for Proportions, Mean Differences and Proportion Differences
Chapter 9 - Statistical Hypothesis Testing: Hypothesis Tests for a Population Mean
Chapter 10 - Hypothesis Tests for Proportions, Mean Differences and Proportion Differences
Chapter 11 - Basic Regression Analysis
Chapter 12 - Multiple Regression
Chapter 13 - F Tests and Analysis of Variance
Chapter 13 - (part 2) Experimental Design (Online Only)
Chapter 14 - Chi-Square Tests
APPENDIX B: Answers to selected even-numbered exercises

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