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The Way We Lived Essays and Documents in American Social History, Volume II: 1865 - Present,9780840029515

The Way We Lived Essays and Documents in American Social History, Volume II: 1865 - Present

by ;
Edition: 7th
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 1/30/2012
Publisher(s): Wadsworth Publishing


This popular reader uses both primary and secondary sources to explore social history topics and sharpen your interpretive skills. Each chapter includes one secondary source essay and several related primary source documents. Chapter introductions tie the readings together and pose questions to consider.

Table of Contents

The Emergence of an Urban, Industrial Society, 1865-1920p. 1
Reconstruction: Triumphs and Tragediesp. 3
Essayp. 5
Mark Andrew Huddle, "To Educate a Race"
Documentsp. 14
A Letter "To My Old Master," c. 1865
The Knights of the White Camelia, 1868
"We Are Literally Slaves," 1912
The Last Frontierp. 20
Essayp. 21
Jack Chen, "Linking a Continent and a Nation"
Documentsp. 34
California Must Be All American, 1878
Homesteading in South
Dakota in the 1880s, 1930
A Montana Cowtown, 1899
Indian Schools: "Americanizing" the Native Americanp. 38
Essayp. 40
Robert A. Trennert, "Educating Indian Girls at Nonreservation Boarding Schools, 1878-1920"
Documentsp. 52
Rules for Indian Schools, 1890
A Government Official Describes Indian Race and Culture, 1905
The Cutting of My Long Hair, c. 1885
Immigrant Life and Labor in an Expanding Economyp. 60
Essayp. 61
Robert Zeidel, "An Immigrant's Anguish: The Americanization of Johanes Johansen"
Documentsp. 72
Struggles of an Irish Immigrant, c. 1913
An Italian Bootblack's Story, 1902
A Bintel Brief, 1907
Women's Sphere: Women's Workp. 78
Essayp. 80
Daniel Sidorick, "The "Girl Army" and the Philadelphia Shirtwaist Strike, 1909-1910 (2004)"
Documentsp. 90
Only Heroic Women Were Doctors Then (1865), 1916
Women's Separate Sphere, 1872
Employments Unsuitable for Women, 1901
The Triumph of Racismp. 95
Essayp. 97
Keith Weldon Medley, "The Birth of "Separate but Equal""
Documentsp. 106
Senator Benjamin Tillman Defends Disfranchisement and Lynching of African Americans, 1900
George H. White's Farewell Speech to Congress, 1901
A Call for Equality, 1905
America Goes to Warp. 111
Essayp. 113
Meirion and Susie Harries, "Building a National Army"
Documentsp. 125
German-American Loyalty, 1917
Letters from Mennonite Draftees, 1918
Racism and the Army, 1918,
Suggestions for Further Readingp. 130
Modern American Society 1920-Presentp. 133
Intolerance: A Bitter Legacy of Social Changep. 135
Essayp. 137
Kevin A. Boyle, "Prosperity and Prejudice in Postwar America"
Documentsp. 145
The Klan's Fight for Americanism, 1926
Intelligence and Prejudice: One Professor's View, 1923
Congress Debates Immigration Restriction, 1921
Morals and Manners in the 1920sp. 152
Essayp. 154
Daniel Okrent, "Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition"
Documentsp. 164
Moving Pictures Evoke Concern, 1922
"Does Jazz Put the Sin in Syncopation?" 1921
The Depression Yearsp. 168
Essayp. 169
Timothy Egan, "The Worst Hard Time"
Documentsp. 177
The Okies in California, 1939
Homeless Women Sleep in Chicago Parks, 1931
A Vagrant Civil Engineer, 1932
World War IIp. 181
Essayp. 183
William O'Neill, "The People Are Willing"
Documentsp. 193
The Woman Worker, 1942
Conditions in the Camps (1942-1945), 1948
Japanese American Servicemen (1942-1945), 2011
Americans on the Move: Suburbs and the Sunbeltp. 200
Essayp. 201
Kenneth Jackson, "The Baby Boom and the Age of the Subdivision"
Documentsp. -
The Melting Pot Goes Suburban, 2002
Big Apple, Southern Cities Tops in Growth, 2011
Minorities' Struggles for Equalityp. 218
Essayp. 220
William Doyle, "Crisis in Little Rock"
Documentsp. 229
Growing Up Black in the South: A Remembrance, 1977
The Southern Manifesto, 1956
Wealth and Income Inequality, 2005
A Native American Protest, 1969
The Sixties and Beyond: Times of Protestp. 236
Essayp. 238
Terry Anderson, "The Movement and the Sixties Generation"
Documentsp. 250
Vietnam Veterans Against the War, 1971
Gays in the Military: President Barack Obama Notes the New Policy, 2010
The Revival of Feminismp. 253
Essayp. 255
Flora Davis, "Feminism's Second Wave: The Opening Salvos"
Documentsp. 264
A Woman's Eight to Abortion, 1973
President George W. Bush Opposes Abortion, 2002
Working It Out, 2006
The New Immigrationp. ;
Essayp. 270
Robert Joe Stout, "Why Immigrants Come to America"
Documentsp. 282
Struggling to Get Ahead: The Life of a Vietnamese Fisherman, 2010
Story of an Immigrant from the Philippines, 2008
Suggestions For Further Readingp. 286
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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