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Western Civilization: A Global and Comparative Approach: Volume I: To 1715,9780765622532

Western Civilization: A Global and Comparative Approach: Volume I: To 1715

by ;
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 7/15/2012
Publisher(s): Routledge
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Featuring the one author, one voice approach, this text is ideal for instructors who do not wish to neglect the importance of non-Western perspectives on the study of the past. The book is a brief, affordable presentation providing a coherent examination of the past from ancient times to the present. Religion, everyday life, and transforming moments are the three themes employed to help make the past interesting, intelligible, and relevant to students. Readers will find an emphasis on interpretation and analysis as opposed to straightforward presentation of information. Also central to the presentation is the focus on a comparative approach that provides students with a greater understanding of the West through comparisons with other civilizations and cultures. Also included are Original Source boxes as well as web links to additional and complementary information.

Table of Contents

List of Tables, Maps, and Chartsp. xiii
List of Illustrationsp. xv
Prefacep. xvii
Acknowledgmentsp. xxi
The Beginnings of History and the Ancient Near Eastp. 3
Human Origins and Prehistoryp. 3
The Shaping of the Past: The Agricultural Revolutionp. 7
The First Civilizations and the Earliest Evidence for Religionp. 9
The Urban Revolution in Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley, and Chinap. 11
Mesopotamia: Sumer, Akkad, Assyria, and Babylonp. 14
Egypt: Politics, Religion, and Everyday Lifep. 17
Israel and the Religion of the Hebrewsp. 21
Human and Divine Law: Governing Human Behaviorp. 23
Conclusionp. 26
Greece and the Mediterranean World, ca. 2000-350 BCEp. 33
Early Greecep. 36
The Shaping of the Greek Polisp. 39
Persia and Greecep. 42
Greece in the Classical Agep. 47
The Shaping of the Past: The Peloponnesian Warsp. 50
Classical Greek Culture (480-338 BCE)p. 51
Conclusionp. 61
The Hellenistic Age and the Rise of Rome, ca. 350-30 BCEp. 64
Philip of Macedon, Alexander the Great, and the Hellenistic Worldp. 66
The Division of Alexander's Empirep. 69
The Shaping of the Past: Hellenistic Philosophyp. 70
Hellenistic Science, Technology, and Medicinep. 74
India in the Hellenistic Agep. 77
Early Rome and the Shaping of the Roman Republicp. 79
The Punic Wars and Overseas Expansionp. 84
The Revolution of the Gracchi Brothersp. 86
The Career of Caesar and the Collapse of the Roman Republicp. 88
Conclusionp. 92
The Roman Empire and the Enduring Legacy of the Ancient World, ca. 30 BCE-500 CEp. 95
Augustus and Augustan Romep. 97
Hellenistic Judaism and the Dead Sea Scrollsp. 101
The Shaping of the Past: The Life and Teachings of Jesusp. 103
The Roman Empire to 284 CEp. 105
The Han Empire of Chinap. 110
Political and Economic Change and the Decline of the Roman Empirep. 113
Social and Religious Change and the Decline of the Roman Empirep. 117
The Fall of Romep. 120
The Continuation of the Eastern Empirep. 122
Conclusionp. 124
Early Christian Europe, Byzantium, and the Rise of Islam, ca. 410-750p. 127
The Spread of Christianityp. 129
Eastern Versus Western Monasticismp. 131
Political Decentralization After the Fall of the Roman Empirep. 137
The Emergence of New Kingdoms in the West¨Franks, Goths, and Lombardsp. 138
The Anglo-Saxonsp. 141
Justinian and Theodorap. 143
Politics and Religion in the Byzantine Empire After Justinianp. 147
Everyday Life in the Byzantine Empirep. 150
The Shaping of the Past: The Life of Muhammadp. 151
The Rise of Islamp. 153
Conclusionp. 156
The Shaping of Medieval Europe, ca. 750-1100p. 159
Charlemagnep. 161
The Carolingian Renaissance and Everyday Life in Carolingian Timesp. 163
The Decline of the Carolingians and the Emergence of Feudal Traditionsp. 165
War, Invasion, and the Political Development of Medieval Europep. 167
Changing Religious Valuesp. 175
The Shaping of the Past: Medieval Art and Romanesque Architecturep. 178
Life and Society in the Ninth and Tenth Centuriesp. 181
The Mayan Civilization of Mesoamericap. 183
Conclusionp. 189
The High Middle Ages, ca. 1000-1300p. 191
The Shaping of the Past: Agricultural Expansion and the Development of Urban Centersp. 193
Society and Everyday Life in the High Middle Agesp. 194
Political Leadership and Kingship in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europep. 196
Church and State in the High Middle Agesp. 204
Historical Relations with the East-The Crusadesp. 207
Medieval Thought and Philosophyp. 210
Medieval Art and Literaturep. 212
Conclusionp. 218
The Crises of the Late Middle Ages, ca. 1300-1500p. 221
The Black Deathp. 221
Social Upheaval and Peasant Rebellion in Europe and Chinap. 225
The Shaping of the Past: Military Transformation and the Hundred Years Warp. 228
Warfare and Political Change in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuriesp. 233
Symptoms of Waning Authority in the Western Christian Churchp. 236
Reform Ideas, the Conciliar Movement, and Popular Christianityp. 238
Conclusionp. 242
The Renaissance, ca. 1350-1517p. 245
Signorial Rule in Milan and Northern Italyp. 249
The Most Serene Republic of Venicep. 250
Florence and Renaissance Societyp. 252
The Shaping of the Past: Petrarch and the Origins of Renaissance Humanismp. 255
Humanism and the Dignity and Nobility of Humanityp. 258
Humanism and the Northern Renaissancep. 260
The Social Transformation of Art in Renaissance Italyp. 262
The Social Transformation of Art in Northern Europep. 267
Ming Chinap. 268
Conclusionp. 273
The Beginnings of European Expansion, ca. 1400-1540p. 276
The Rise of Capitalismp. 276
The Rise of Portugal and Spainp. 282
Mesoamerican Civilizations: The Aztecs and the Incasp. 284
The First Encounters of Columbus with Native Americansp. 290
The Shaping of the Past: Cortes and the Conquest of Mexicop. 293
Pizarro and the Conquest of Perup. 295
Other Examples of Expansionp. 299
Conclusionp. 301
The Protestant and Catholic Reformationsp. 303
The Shaping of the Past: Martin Luther's Break with the Churchp. 305
The Further Shaping of the Protestant Reformationp. 310
Thomas Cranmer, Henry VTA, and the English Reformationp. 312
Social Consequences of the Reformationp. 315
The Reformation and the Jewsp. 317
The Inquisition and the Religious Legacy of Sixteenth-Century Spainp. 318
The Catholic Counter-Reformationp. 320
Politics and Religion in the Sixteenth Centuryp. 322
Russia and the Eastern Orthodox Churchp. 325
Conclusionp. 331
The Age of European Expansion, ca. 1550-1650p. 334
The Iberian Empires in Latin Americap. 336
The Erosion of Spanish Commercial Power and the Rise of the Dutchp. 338
English Exploration and Expansionp. 341
French Exploration and Expansionp. 344
The Effects of European Colonization in North Americap. 345
European Expansion into Africa and the Slave Tradep. 349
The Shaping of the Past: The Formation of the Dutch West India Companyp. 351
European Missionary Activity in the Far Eastp. 353
The Effects of European Expansion in China and Indiap. 358
Muscovite Expansion Through Siberiap. 359
Japan in the Age of European Expansionp. 360
Conclusionp. 363
Absolutism and Political Revolution in the Seventeenth Centuryp. 366
The Shaping of the Past: The Assassination of Henry IV and the Rise of French Absolutismp. 368
Absolutism in France Under Louis XIVp. 370
The Habsburgs in Spain and Austriap. 372
Absolute Government in Prussia and Russiap. 374
Absolute Government in East and West: Manchu China and Monarchical Europep. 377
The Shaping of the Past: The Execution of Charles I and the Struggle Against Absolute Government in Britainp. 382
Political Conflict and Development in the Netherlandsp. 386
War and Political Consciousness in the Seventeenth Centuryp. 387
Conclusionp. 392
The Scientific Revolution and Changes in Thought and Society in the Seventeenth Centuryp. 395
The Shaping of the Past: Copernicus's On the Revolution of the Heavenly Bodies and the Scientific Revolutionp. 395
Political Thought in the Seventeenth Centuryp. 404
Art and Literature in the Seventeenth Centuryp. 406
Everyday Life and Social Conditions in Seventeenth-Century Europep. 409
Early Modern India: Thought, Culture, and Social Changep. 413
Conclusionp. 419
Epilogue: The Shaping of the Past and the Challenge of the Futurep. 423
Indexp. 429
About the Authorp. 471
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.

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