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Witchcraft and Black Magic,9780486411255

Witchcraft and Black Magic

Edition: Reprint
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 3/16/2012
Publisher(s): Dover Publications
Availability: This title is currently not available.


Intriguing, thoroughly researched volume provides expert historical view of demonology and the occult, drawing information from the Bible, literary classics, personal memoirs, correspondence, and court records. Scholarly, yet highly readable study defines witchcraft, then examines ceremonial practices, the casting of spells and conjuring, celebration of the Black Mass, and much more. A masterfully written work for anyone interested in supernatural phenomena, this book has been hailed by critic H. L. Mencken as "learned, honest, and amusing."

Table of Contents

What is Witchcraft?---How does One become a Witch?---The Essential Pact
The Familiar, in Human Shape and Animal---How Acquired---The Sacrileges of Witches---The Reward of Blood
Witchcraft at Cambridge and Oxford---The Manichee Sorcerers---Revolutionary Witchcraft---The Witchcraft of the Templars---Witchcraft and Politics
The Origins of Witchcraft---The Sons of God and the Daughters of Men---Who was the First Witch?---Assyrian and Egyptian Witchcraft---The Mummies---The ``Dianic Cult''
The Library of the Witches---The Sibylline Books---The Grimoires---le Grand Albert---The Witches' Bible---Zekerboni---Printed and Manuscript Books of Spells---The Scene of Conjuration described by Restif de la Bretonne
The Magus (1801) of Francis Barrett---Ceremonial Magic---The Evil Eye---Ranks of Demons---Necromancy---Evocations---Ebenezer Sibly---Satanism Today---Obeah---Witchcraft in Mauritius
Sympathetic Magic---Wax Images---Figurines---The Covens---The Grand Master---Levitation---The Sabbat---Incubi and Succubae---The Black Mass

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