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The World's Greatest Paper Airplane and Toy Book,9780830628469

The World's Greatest Paper Airplane and Toy Book

Edition: 1st
Format: Paperback
Pub. Date: 11/22/1987
Publisher(s): McGraw-Hill Education
Availability: This title is currently not available.


TRANSFORM A SIMPLE SHEET OF PAPER INTO A CREATION CAPABLE OF FLIGHT! * A complete manual on the art of paper airplane folding.* 40 different aircraft designs: Hognose Plane...Shibumi...Dragonbird...Lock Back Jackknife...Ram Jet...Bee Bomber...Spin King...Gremlin...Saber-Toothed Bat...Looper...Helicopter...Origami-Nose Box Plane...and more!* All can be made by hand from paper: No glue, scissors, or staples required* Tips for making hundreds of variations by modifying wings and adding tail sections* Includes models that can perform smooth and level flight, rolls, and loops!* To-scale drawings for every folding step of construction!* Instructions for making 10 paper toys also included! The art of paper folding is fascinating for all age groups. With this guide anyone--child or adult--can successfully create paper airplanes and toys for contest competition, individual sport, or family fun!

Author Biography

KEITH R. LAUX holds a B.S. in physics and has been experimenting with folded paper designs for nearly 20 years. His paper airplanes have won many contents and he is currently patenting a circular boomerang.

Table of Contents


Folding Hints

Flying Hints

PART 1: Competition Craft

The Master; The Standard; Folded-Nose Box Plane; Hog-Nosxed Plane; Shibumi; Undercarriage Plane; The Looper; The Sprinter; Origami-Nose Box Plane; The Dragon Bird; Sail Wing; Saber-Toothed Bat; The Gull; The Stunt Looper; Lock-Back Jackknife; The Fly; The Gremlin; The Hunter; Ram Jet; The Boat Plane; The Wing; Super Dart; Bee Bomber; X-Wing Fighter; King Wing; Glider; Hawk; Super-Modified Box Plane; SST 60; Long-Distance Champ

PART 2: Novelty Planes

Tail Plane; Modified Tail Plane; Spin King; The Circular Airfoil; Flat Flyer; Major Arrow; Helicopter; Eagle; Dove; Dragonfly

PART 3: Toys, Toys, Toys

The Box; Frog; Pac-Man Mouth; Hats; The Fortune Teller; Fox Face; Bird; Star; Pinwheel

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